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Deciding to pursue investing in ranch land can be extremely rewarding. Not only are you getting fresh air and the bliss of rural life, but you also can live in a self-sustaining way. Many factors go into purchasing ranch land for sale, but the benefits far outweigh the dangers associated with this venture. Here are some basics you should recognize when you are thinking about buying ranch land for sale.

Capacity, Time, Location & Income

What do you want to use the land for? Is the capacity of the ranch land for sale enough for what you are planning? This refers to whether or not you can fit everything you need on the property you are purchasing. Possibilities might include a house, a barn, or animals. It is best to buy from a reputable seller, as many sellers can exaggerate the number of livestock a section of land can hold.

Many people believe that undeveloped land will take care of itself, but this is not always the case. There are plenty of odd jobs you will catch yourself doing on your ground, so it is best to purchase a piece of ranch land for sale that is within your means of time. Animals also entail a lot of care, even if you are letting them graze. You should also consider whether you want to maintain your land on your own or if you plan on hiring someone for assistance.

When you are considering investing in ranch land for sale, you are aware that you will be purchasing land that is some distance away from city living. If you are going to be dedicating all of your time to the ranch, you may not mind this, but if you are still going to be commuting into the city for work each day, you will want to pay attention to location and what works best for you. Living on a ranch can also affect your social life and your family, so pick an ideal location for your lifestyle.

Living on a ranch can be fulfilling, but do not miscalculate what you might make as income from your production. Cattle and produce are lucrative, but you have to think about how much money you need to live and how much livestock and crops you will need to invest in and maintain. On average, one single cow can yield a profit of anywhere between $190 and $340. You do not want to bite off more than you can chew.

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When the topic of hunting land for sale comes up, there are many ideas on what the ideal environment is and how many animals the area may hold within its limits. For many people, the towering mountain scenery with snowcapped peaks shining in the distance comes to mind first. Hunters looking to track big game will find numerous opportunities in Idaho. Start your search for Idaho hunting land for sale today!

Big game hunters across the country realize that some of the finest big game hunting can be found in Idaho on the big, open ranges of sage brush country. This is the true bread basket for elk and mule deer, and this is where you will discover them every morning and evening in the fall.

At first glance, the animals can be very challenging to spot in these settings. Elk and deer are capable of blending in with the rolling countryside in small gullies or washes that are hard to see from a distance. The animals rely heavily on the sage and brush for shade, particularly during the day, and it can be difficult to spot them in the shadows.

The private, sage brush hills with tree-lined drainages are where you want to be to locate big, exclusive deer and elk. Not only is this the ideal habitat, but it also offers refuge for these animals when hunting pressure becomes significant on public lands. Be patient and attentive, and you will be rewarded. Finding your very own Idaho hunting land for sale may be easier than you think with help from LandAlert!

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Over 6.9 million people call Arizona home! With many destination spots throughout the state, it is apparent why one should buy land in Arizona. Due to the continuous warm weather, gorgeous landscape, and diverse communities, purchasing property in Arizona might just be the greatest decision of your life!

Not only does Arizona real estate propose incredible opportunities for the first time home buyer and repeat land purchasers, but it is also a state full of history, beauty, diversity, and fun!

  1. The weather
    The top reason people are attracted to Arizona is the excellent weather. The opportunity to buy land for sale in Arizona and experience Mother Nature year-round minus the snow or excessive rain gives homeowners and tourists many opportunities to go outdoors. Participating in outdoor activities, visiting the local farmers market, playing a round of golf, or attending a sporting event without even a light jacket while those living in other states are bundled up due to bad weather is another reason Arizona's climate is appreciated.
  2. The numerous business opportunities
    Arizona draws in fantastic opportunities for residents to invest in real estate. When buying land in Arizona, success is guaranteed. The hot land market the country is experiencing today is ideal for individuals or families who want to find property in Arizona at a low cost with the opportunity for a high return on investments down the road.
  3. The stunning landscape
    Visitors and residents love to spend time hiking and mountain biking through thousands of trails in Arizona year-round to take in some of the most beautiful scenery from the high elevations. Camelback Mountain, Lookout Mountain Summit, Piestewa Peak, Papago Park and Dixie Mountain Loop are just a couple of the top hikes you and your family can enjoy throughout the year.
  4. The diverse culture
    Arizona is a place with multiple residents traveling from all over. They bring in their own culture as seen through the food, entertainment, and neighborhoods throughout the cities. Arizona has various unique shops, upbeat places, and fun events throughout the state to explore.

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It is no secret that farmland prices have boomed over the last decade. Many farmers and outside investors have bought and continue to buy farmland for sale to cushion their investment portfolios. Despite the decreasing product values of the last year, several economists remain optimistic about buying farmland for sale as a long-term investment.

With a world population that is expected to grow from 7 billion to 9 billion by the year 2050 and the projected suitable land to decrease gradually in the same time span, the instance for farmland investment is a good one.

Various factors are contributing to the appeal of quality farmland. With the increase in population, rising incomes will add to higher meat consumption. Increasing livestock consumption generates a demand for grain and water, so farmers worldwide will grow to the need by putting out more crops and farming more acres. Another driver of the farmland market boom is the request for biofuels, such as ethanol.

While outside investors continue to be confident about quality farmland, others emphasize the need and use caution before diving headfirst into the farmland market. While land values have climbed dramatically over the last decade, they are set to level off as product prices do the same.

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Why are you searching to buy hunting land? Is it for the recreational value? The investment worth? Is it to own something that will never go away, something that you can walk on and use while it appreciates worth every day? Whether you realize it or not, the answer to all those questions is, “YES!”

Hunting land for sale and recreation land for sale is a safe investment. But, investing in land is long-term, which is usually attractive to the buyer. Unlike a stock certificate that remains in a safe for 30 years where its value is entirely out of your control and can decrease, increase or completely lose its value, land can be used as it rises in price.

Realizing the Potential of Land

When looking for investment properties that you and your loved ones can enjoy while its value matures, it is essential to see what the land could be in the future. Improvements to the land can increase the value and are something that can be done over an extended period of time as your budget allows. There are several improvements a landowner can make to increase land value, but the key is to select ones that line up with your dream for the property. In other words, do not put an irrigation system in if you have no interest in farming or renting the farmland.

By purchasing a piece of hunting land for sale, managing the habitat and deer herd, and refining the overall hunting experience on that property is a considerable factor some hunters, with deep pockets, look at when buying hunting land for sale. has Hunting Land for Sale

You may just be looking for a piece of hunting land for sale, so you have a place to get away and enjoy, but there are many benefits to becoming a landowner. Subscribe to to receive FREE land alerts of hunting land for sale in your area as soon as it hits the market.

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If one were to say Vermont is a beautiful state, others might reply with, that would be an understatement. The things that one can do within the state of Vermont are vast and the views to see are endless. Skiing and snowshoeing in the winter, hiking in the summer, leaf peeping and apple picking in the fall, and maple syrup tapping in the early spring are just a small sampling of the seasonal delights existing in Vermont.

Where is the Land for Sale Located?

Vermont is one of the smallest states in the United States, in regard to size. Over 90 percent of Vermont land for sale is privately owned. Farmland is the most desired type of land for sale in the state. Agriculture has been the framework of the state’s development. Lumbering, alongside farming, was one of the first significant industries established within Vermont and both are continued today. The famous Ben and Jerry’s Creamery is located in Vermont which has helped the state shine.

Industry Boosts Land for Sale

Along with agriculture, manufacturing has grown immensely over the years. As the production in Vermont increases, the demand for commercial land becomes greater. In 2013, about 25 percent of the manufacturing jobs in Vermont were created by a single company called IBM.

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Have you ever dreamt of buying thousands of acres of Wisconsin hunting land for sale? Filled with the amazing views and top hunting game; land for sale in Wisconsin will be tough to find because it is in such high demand. From waterfowl to white-tails, Wisconsin Hunts are the best. With three natural frontiers of the North American landscape merging in Wisconsin: the boreal forest continues from the North, the great hardwood forest approaching from the East, and dry grasslands coming in from the West - this mix of forest, grassland, prairie, wetland, and farmland provides varied habitat for abundant wildlife on Wisconsin hunting land for sale. Worry no more! can help you find Wisconsin hunting land for sale in a heartbeat as soon as it hits the market!

Wisconsin Hunting Impacting the Economy

Hunting is a significant contributor to Wisconsin’s economy and a historical and culturally substantial pastime for many individuals from around the world. Billions of hunting-related expenditures fund the economy. An estimated 600,000 deer hunters will head to the woods for the nine-day rifle deer season. Those hunters are part of a tradition that brings billions of dollars to the state each year. Not to mention buying Wisconsin hunting land for sale to have as your own. In 1897, Wisconsin land for sale sold for a whopping $8 an acre. Now, it is estimated that each acre for sale sells for around $2,300.

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The state of Tennessee is nothing short of spectacular. If you have been looking to purchase Tennessee land for sale, take a look at good ol’ Tennessee. One element the state is known for is its agriculture. Tennessee’s primary agriculture products include poultry, soybeans, and cattle. Another element Tennessee is known for is its business; leading the United States in tobacco production, leather goods, metal products, and textiles. Tennessee land for sale goes quickly!

Agricultural Land for Sale

In the entire state, farmland for sale is the most popular land to purchase. These farms for sale include everything from large, developed farms to small family-sized acreages. There are approximately 68,050 known farms in the state of Tennessee. That would suggest that roughly half of Tennessee’s land is farmland. Farmland for sale is not only the most desired land, but it is also the most abundant land Tennessee has to offer.

Striking Scenery: Tennessee’s Land for Sale is a Must Have!

Tennessee is home to the Appalachian Mountains which overshadow the eastern part of the state. Although Tennessee is a landlocked state, the Mississippi River wraps around the western edge, and the Great River Road follows the Mississippi. This is a top-rated attraction and is a great way to see the mighty power of this river. There are also over 19,000 miles where anglers try to snag some of Tennessee’s best catfish, crappie, bass, and trout right out of the fresh, warm and cold streams. If you are interested in Tennessee land for sale along the river or in the mountains, you will want to be the first to know as it gets grabbed up as soon as it hits the market.

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Looking to build a business, but do not know where to start? Commercial land is a type of land for sale used to build on to only produce a profit. Commercial land for sale often goes quickly with the rapid rise in industry and craving to make revenue. There are numerous categories of commercial land for sale:

  • Leisure
  • Healthcare
  • Housing
  • Office
  • Retail
  • Industrial

Commercial Land for Sale: Leisure

Hotels, restaurants, gyms, or coffee shops would be different types of leisure commercial real estate. This would mean that you would make a profit off of people who go and spend money in their free-time. Usually, people have to invest in the vacant land for sale or possibly compete against other bidders.

Commercial Land for Sale: Industrial

Industry is another everyday use of commercial land for sale. Industrial land is turned into offices, warehouses, distribution centers, industrial property and more. Stores and distribution centers are two typical products of the commercial land.

Commercial Land for Sale: Housing

Housing is in high demand, especially in the larger cities, due to the ever-growing population. One thing that we seem to never have enough of is housing. Many apartment complexes and vacation homes are very popular results of commercial land for sale. Because of the high demand for housing, land for sale in urban areas gets grabbed up almost instantaneously. has Commercial Land for Sale!

Does this spark your interest to pursue your dream of owning your own coffee shop or apartment complex? Hurry! Sign up for and take advantage of their FREE subscription to find the perfect commercial land for sale for you!

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Finding land for sale, rent or auction is now faster than ever with LandAlert!

Receive instant notifications of land for sale, rent, or auction from participating land brokers and real estate agents via text message or email immediately when land comes on the market. All you have to do is subscribe to There is no commitment and no contract involved, and you are free to cancel at any time by simply unsubscribing.

Subscribers receive land listings that meet specific conditions based on options that are decided at sign up. Subscribers get to pick if they want to see listings for sale, for rent, or for auction; determining the amount of land they are interested in; as well as identifying a specific area where the land is located. LandAlert will filter the land listing and subscribers will see only the items that match the land listing subscription criteria.

When participating real estate agents and land brokers send a blast through LandAlert, they will be required to specify location information. This will include the section-township-range identifier, county, and state the land is located in. A size range will categorize land listings based on the number of acres. Listing agents and brokers will label if the property is for sale, rent or auction, as well as their contact information and a link to view the listing on the agency or broker’s website.

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In the current economy, it is hard to know what kind of investment will pay off. While real estate may be risky in many parts of the country, the Texas land market is open and ready for business. Texas has been leading the nation’s economy through job creation and international business.

Everything is bigger in Texas, including that acreage or lot of land for sale, and the deals you can get purchasing it! Land in Texas will produce significant return as more and more people migrate to this state to live. Texas is the land of opportunity and investing in it may be one of the smartest financial decisions you make.

Agricultural Land for Sale in Texas

Texas is the most abundant agricultural state in the United States. Approximately 71 percent of the annual revenue generated from Texas is a product of the farm and livestock industry. The remaining 29 percent of annual income is said to come from crops. As one can see, farmland for sale in Texas is in high demand. This is a good indicator of why cropland in Texas gets sold in an instant.

Why Texas Land is Desired

It is not often that one may run across cheap land for sale in Texas. Here are a couple of reasons why it is a good idea to jump at the chance to be a Texas landowner:

  1. For those who are starting to think about retirement, there is no better place to begin with than a fresh plot of land filled with opportunity. Texas is a great place to move when thinking of retirement because of the relatively mild climate in the winter and warm summers; not to mention the lower cost of living the state of Texas offers.
  2. Texas offers a wide range of opportunities for hunting and fishing.

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Finding the perfect land for sale has never been faster! Waiting for the paperboy or postman to bring ads with new land listings is no longer needed. When you subscribe to, you will receive notifications from participating agents and brokers via text message or email instantly when land for sale, rent or auction goes on the market.

Subscribers receive land listings that fit specific criteria based on options that are determined when signing up. Subscribers get to select if they want to see land listings for sale, for rent, or auction; choose the amount of land they are interested in; and what counties they would like for the location of the property. LandAlert will filter the land listings and subscribers will only be notified of the listings that match their criteria as specified.

For listing agents or land brokers to blast a land alert, they will be required to specify location information. This will include the section-township-range identifier, county, and state in which the land is located. A size range will categorize land listings based on the number of acres. Agents and brokers will also need to include if the property is for sale, rent or auction, contact information and a link to view the listing on the agency or broker’s website. has Land for Sale

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So you are thinking of purchasing Colorado mountain land? Some people wonder, how long should I look to find this perfect piece of land. Well, believe it or not, some people search for years and still have not purchased Colorado mountain land for sale. They have a lot of good reasons. It was not the kind of property they were envisioning, the price was too high, I would never pay that much, or they wanted to think it over, and after they were done thinking, the Colorado mountain land for sale was already sold.

How Far Are You Willing to Travel to Buy Land?

When considering purchasing Colorado mountain land for sale, commuting is a significant factor to contemplate. Most people are interested in land for a second home or recreational property but want to be within 2 to 3 hours from home. It seems that any farther distance then that and people feel they will not be able to utilize it regularly due to the amount of time they will spend traveling. If the Colorado mountain land for sale is within 2 to 3 hours, a weekend away is easy and if it is more like 1 to 1.5 hours away, a day trip or overnight getaway is possible.

LandAlert Can Help!

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As the saying goes, “Everything’s bigger in Texas.” Apart from the massive horns on the trademark longhorn cattle and the ten-gallon hats, Texas remains massive in size in the minds of nearly all Americans. Texas is the largest of the lower 48 states, and covers 268,581 square miles, making it the second largest state in the United States.

Texas Economy

It is no surprise that energy production is a massive economic force in the state, which is spread with drilling rigs and seemingly endless farms of pumps, rhythmically pulling oil out of established wells. What may be surprising to you, however, is that Texas is one of the top leaders in renewable energy. For example, the Roscoe Wind Farm is the most extensive wind farm in the world. With 627 wind turbines that generate 781.5 megawatts, Roscoe Wind Farm produces enough electricity to power more than 250,000 average homes. It is no wonder they are always looking for vacant land for sale in Texas.

Agriculture is one of Texas’ famous industries. The diversity of geology, rainfall and soil composition throughout the state boosts the production of a variety of crops. Cattle are the leading agricultural product in the state, which leads the nation in livestock production. Texas also ranks as number one in the production of sheep and goat products. Cotton production is also the highest in the nation.

Hunting and fishing are significant businesses in the big state of Texas as well, yielding billions of dollars in revenue. Texas claims some of the best hunting habitats in nearly all areas of the state. White-tailed deer are at the top, with antelope and mule deer close behind. Fishing is another favorite hobby for Texans. From north to south, east and most of the way west; rivers, lakes, and streams can be found in all but the driest regions.

The diversity of land, temperatures, industries, and cultures in Texas are unique in the nation. No other state in the United States can offer the size and variety of private property that is found in the Lone Star State. If you are looking for areas of land, you cannot get any bigger than Texas.

Find Land for Sale in Texas Through

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Welcome to The Grand Canyon State, where 6.5 million people call home. It is hard not to love a place that does not require you to own a lawn mower or a snow blower. So, pack your swimming suits and grab some sunscreen; it is time to buy some of your own Arizona land for sale.

Arizona is the Place to Live

Everyone knows it has a tendency to get warm in the Southwest; however, everyone is still on the hunt for Arizona land for sale. The triple-digit temperatures are a reasonable tradeoff when Arizona receives less than 12 inches of rain and 200-plus days of sun per year. These conditions mean that there are only two seasons in Arizona - three months of “winter” and nine months of summer. This weather allows residents to be in their pools well into the months when most people have already begun shoveling snow.

Even the storms in Arizona are awesome. The rainy season also has its own name in Arizona -Monsoon Season. Monsoons are 10 to 20-minute shows that include lightning and torrential downpours. As you can see, even Arizona’s bad weather is more than tolerable. The only problem with this is trying to find somewhere to travel when you live in a vacation spot and have your very own Arizona land.

If you are not into regular exercise, like jogging or stopping at the gym, there are plenty of hiking trails that will have you on top of the Valley in no time. Get your camera ready and your phone handy during sunsets because the Arizona sky never disappoints.

LandAlert Offers Arizona Land for Sale

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