The state of Nebraska is nothing short of stunning. If you are searching for land listings in the Northeast Nebraska area, stop right here. Known primarily for their corn, a.k.a. The Cornhusker State, and the start of Arbor Day, Nebraska has the most miles of river than any other state. Having the U.S.'s largest aquifer, the Ogalala aquifer, Nebraska has more underground water reserves than any other state in the continental United States. With activities ranging from fishing and hunting, geocaching and shopping, discover the breathtaking scenery in Nebraska while you bike, run, or walk the Cowboy Trail. Encounter the fertile crop ground or pasture land for sale in Norfolk, Nebraska while steering the quiet country roads. The real beauty of Nebraska though lies in the sunsets that range among the rolling plains. The immense openness of the scenery is overwhelming at first, as every color of the rainbow seems to blend in perfect harmony. No matter how many times you see the sun creep below the horizon, it never gets old. It is no surprise why Huskers love this state. Land for sale in Norfolk, Nebraska goes quickly so do not waste time!

Early History of Land in Norfolk

Everyone recalls the joy of dying of dysentery on the well-known 1990's game, "The Oregon Trail," but in Nebraska, that was real life. In some locations across the state, it is still possible to see the ruts from the wagon wheels as travelers followed the Oregon Trail to pursue a new life out West. Traveling from a Wisconsin settlement in 1865 to find land for sale in Nebraska, three scouts discovered useful, economical farmland. They followed the Elkhorn River upstream and reached the junction of the Elkhorn and its North Fork on September 15 where they selected that area as a settlement site. Traveling from Wisconsin to Northeast Nebraska on May 23, 1866, a party of 124 settlers representing 42 families set out in three wagon trains arriving at the new site on July 15. Later on, the second group of settlers from Wisconsin came in July 1867.

The original name of the colony was a variant of "North Fork," but accounts differ on the exact name: "Northfork," "Nor'fork," and "Nordfork" were all proposed. The name was presented to federal postal authorities and was altered to "Norfolk." If searching for ranch land for sale, pasture for sale or hunting land for sale, you are sure to hear the pronunciation "Norfork" continually being used by many Nebraskans.

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