If one would say Vermont is a beautiful state, others may reply with, that would be an understatement. The things that one can do within the state of Vermont are vast and the views to see are endless. The state acquired its name from a French Explorer named Samuel de Champlain who originally called it "Verd Mont" meaning green mountains. This was later translated to an English form which we know as present day "Vermont". From the green mountains to the luscious pastures, this state has so much land for sale to offer.

Where is the Land for Sale Located?

Vermont is one of the United States smallest states in terms of size. Over 90 percent of the land for sale in Vermont is privately owned. Farmland is the most popular type of land for sale in the state. Agriculture has been the framework of the state's development. Lumbering, alongside agriculture, was one of the first major industries established within Vermont and both are carried out today. The famous Ben and Jerry's Creamery is located in Vermont which has helped the state shine. Made up of 14 counties, Windham County has the most rural property and land for sale in good ole' Vermont.

Industry Boosts Land for Sale

Along with agriculture, manufacturing has grown tremendously over the years. The more industry in Vermont grows, the greater the demand for commercial land. In 2013, about 25 percent of the manufacturing jobs in Vermont were produced by a single company called IBM.

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