Among the dreams that keep many of us going on dreary days, discovering ranch land for sale out West and owning it would surely rank up there, along with living by the ocean, or gazing out over your vineyard at night.

Ranch life taps into the American desire for privacy, freedom and a relationship with the land. Lately, purchasing ranch land for sale, and selling the goods raised on it, has developed into another investment. With prices of ranch land for sale decreasing, ranch land is looking more and more attractive as an investment. But the returns on ranch land are only part of the equation. The other part, as stated previously, is the goods raised on it. Some say that cattle are a business and the ranch land is an investment. By combining these two parts, one could succeed in keeping that life-long dream fulfilled.

Owning a Ranch Offers Returns Beyond the Financial

Dreams of buying ranch land for sale cost a lot of money and time to keep going. The land may be growing in value, but the continuing costs are considerable. Ranch land has continually had a spot in a wealthy investor’s collection over the years. Ted Turner, known for founding CNN, began buying ranch land for sale in 1987 and is now the second-largest individual landowner in North America, with two million acres ranging across seven states.

Depending on the ranch land for sale and how it is bought and sold, there are special tax treatments which can defer capital gains taxes. In 1971, a 600-acre ranch in Wyoming sold for $1,500. In 1989, an 8,000-acre ranch in Wyoming sold for $1.4 million. In 2010, said 8,000-acre ranch sold for $7 million. While these profits are eye-popping, for some men, buying ranch land for sale is never about the profit, but the lifestyle change. As the old saying says, “Do what you love and you will never work another day in your life.” More and more men and women across America want to work every day while enjoying what they do. By enjoying the day-to-day events and activities, the return to the land is not about the profit, but about happiness.

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