There are many lots of land for sale that contain lakes or ponds on the property. Some are in residential settings; others are part of large landscapes that include forests and wildlife. Very seldom does a person encounter a lake or pond that does not have a gathering spot, as simple as a dock or beach area. Why is that? Something as simple as a place to gather draws us to be closer to the water. The chance to relax while overlooking a water landscape is why many of us seek land for sale with a beautiful lake or pond. Simply put, water adds value to land for sale.

Priceless Memories

Think of a special experience you have enjoyed while spending time outdoors. While many of us roost solo in deer stands or exercise in the morning alone, our most unforgettable experiences include family and friends. Join these memories with a lake or pond, and the value of the land for sale dramatically increases.

The additional value of a lake or pond can come in many forms. For some, just the view of still waters while drinking a morning cup of coffee while the sunrise is tops. The noise of the grandkids as they jump off the end of the dock on a summer day; catching a 10-pound bass while fishing. Trolling your dad around as he works the flyrod. That blazing fire in the firepit as the sun sets and the wood ducks come to settle. Seeing your grandson catch his first fish. Any memories come to mind?

When looking at property with water, think of the possibilities. As with landscape, a lake or pond can often be managed to make those possibilities come to life. Moreover, therein lies the value.

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