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Among the dreams that keep many of us going on dreary days, discovering ranch land for sale out West and owning it would surely rank up there, along with living by the ocean, or gazing out over your vineyard at night.

Ranch life taps into the American desire for privacy, freedom and a relationship with the land. Lately, purchasing ranch land for sale, and selling the goods raised on it, has developed into another investment. With prices of ranch land for sale decreasing, ranch land is looking more and more attractive as an investment. But the returns on ranch land are only part of the equation. The other part, as stated previously, is the goods raised on it. Some say that cattle are a business and the ranch land is an investment. By combining these two parts, one could succeed in keeping that life-long dream fulfilled.

Owning a Ranch Offers Returns Beyond the Financial

Dreams of buying ranch land for sale cost a lot of money and time to keep going. The land may be growing in value, but the continuing costs are considerable. Ranch land has continually had a spot in a wealthy investor’s collection over the years. Ted Turner, known for founding CNN, began buying ranch land for sale in 1987 and is now the second-largest individual landowner in North America, with two million acres ranging across seven states.

Depending on the ranch land for sale and how it is bought and sold, there are special tax treatments which can defer capital gains taxes. In 1971, a 600-acre ranch in Wyoming sold for $1,500. In 1989, an 8,000-acre ranch in Wyoming sold for $1.4 million. In 2010, said 8,000-acre ranch sold for $7 million. While these profits are eye-popping, for some men, buying ranch land for sale is never about the profit, but the lifestyle change. As the old saying says, “Do what you love and you will never work another day in your life.” More and more men and women across America want to work every day while enjoying what they do. By enjoying the day-to-day events and activities, the return to the land is not about the profit, but about happiness.

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If you are an individual who enjoys adventurous hikes, a peaceful time on the beach or a sweet glass of wine, Texas is the place for you. The sky is truly the limit here in the Lone Star State. Travel from the windy forests of East Texas to the mountain deserts of West Texas, and you will pass cities and towns large and small, full of a never-ending list of things to see and do. You will love it so much that you will start looking for your slice of Texas land for sale.

Investing in Texas Land for Sale

Where is the best place to invest your money? A lot of concern and discussion has occurred lately over this topic, whether to buy land for sale or purchase CDs. With all the uproar in the stock markets and differing opinions by the so called market professionals, many investors have grown nervous and doubtful about where to put their money. If you are one of the guarded investors who has given up faith in the stock markets, tired of the low return on CDs, worried about the long term outlook of the dropping dollar, Texas real estate may offer a worthwhile alternative for you. Buying Texas land for sale could be your new investment!

Presenting highly desired Texas ranchland, Texas property held for agricultural use, and recreational land for sale in Texas, the Lone Star State offers some of the greatest land investment options in the Continental US. Texas remains to be an economically sound place to invest. With rising growth fueled by new industry, an increasing labor force, various educational facilities, and an excellent healthcare network, many believe Texas is the best place to live.

Unlike paper investments that have been known to vanish overnight, the land is something significant. You can see the land, touch the land, and know that it is still there. Superior Texas real estate, particularly ranch land, has confirmed to be a steady investment over the years, with investors witnessing a strong land market for many years to come. Find your perfect piece of Texas land for sale and start investing today!

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Owner financing is just as it sounds - instead of someone receiving a loan on behalf of land for sale from a bank, the land owner will finance the purchase. The buyer will send monthly payments to the land seller, and the seller will collect interest on the loan. Owner financing is a more feasible way to buy land for sale rather than going to the bank.

A land contract is a legal agreement, or contract used to purchase real estates, such as farmland for sale, cropland, ranch land for sale, or pasture for sale. A land contract is a form of seller financing. It is similar to a loan, but instead of using money from a financier or bank to purchase the real estate, the buyer makes payments to the land owner or seller, until the purchase price of the land for sale is paid in full. The land buyer and seller both sign the land contract containing agreed upon terms and conditions of the land sale. Upon agreement of all contract requirements, including payment of the purchase price over a specified period, the land title shifts from the land seller to the buyer.

Land Contract Beneficial for Both Sellers and Buyers

  • Pros for Land Buyers

A buyer who is interested, but may not have the secure traditional financing, is now able to purchase real estate without credit approval for a loan. Because of credit issues or additional reasons, one may not be qualified to obtain approval for a needed loan. The participants can enter into a sale by land contract so that the buyer makes monthly payments directly to the seller.

  • Pros for Land Sellers

Selling land through a land contract provides more options for potential sellers. Prices may be negotiated for a higher price on the land for sale by offering a financing through a land contract. Cash down payment deposit may be required as well.

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The state of Nebraska is nothing short of stunning. If you are searching for land listings in the Northeast Nebraska area, stop right here. Known primarily for their corn, a.k.a. The Cornhusker State, and the start of Arbor Day, Nebraska has the most miles of river than any other state. Having the U.S.'s largest aquifer, the Ogalala aquifer, Nebraska has more underground water reserves than any other state in the continental United States. With activities ranging from fishing and hunting, geocaching and shopping, discover the breathtaking scenery in Nebraska while you bike, run, or walk the Cowboy Trail. Encounter the fertile crop ground or pasture land for sale in Norfolk, Nebraska while steering the quiet country roads. The real beauty of Nebraska though lies in the sunsets that range among the rolling plains. The immense openness of the scenery is overwhelming at first, as every color of the rainbow seems to blend in perfect harmony. No matter how many times you see the sun creep below the horizon, it never gets old. It is no surprise why Huskers love this state. Land for sale in Norfolk, Nebraska goes quickly so do not waste time!

Early History of Land in Norfolk

Everyone recalls the joy of dying of dysentery on the well-known 1990's game, "The Oregon Trail," but in Nebraska, that was real life. In some locations across the state, it is still possible to see the ruts from the wagon wheels as travelers followed the Oregon Trail to pursue a new life out West. Traveling from a Wisconsin settlement in 1865 to find land for sale in Nebraska, three scouts discovered useful, economical farmland. They followed the Elkhorn River upstream and reached the junction of the Elkhorn and its North Fork on September 15 where they selected that area as a settlement site. Traveling from Wisconsin to Northeast Nebraska on May 23, 1866, a party of 124 settlers representing 42 families set out in three wagon trains arriving at the new site on July 15. Later on, the second group of settlers from Wisconsin came in July 1867.

The original name of the colony was a variant of "North Fork," but accounts differ on the exact name: "Northfork," "Nor'fork," and "Nordfork" were all proposed. The name was presented to federal postal authorities and was altered to "Norfolk." If searching for ranch land for sale, pasture for sale or hunting land for sale, you are sure to hear the pronunciation "Norfork" continually being used by many Nebraskans.

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Colorado is known for its 58 fourteeners. What are fourteeners, do you ask? They are Rocky Mountain peaks that have an elevation of 14,000 feet or more above sea level. These giant, enormous mountains make Colorado the tallest state in the nation and attract hikers, photographers, and land owners anxious for that breathtaking view. Whether you are into skiing, hiking, climbing, driving or just looking at beautiful scenery, the Rocky Mountains are simply one of America's remarkable natural wonders. Rocky Mountain National Park is one of the highly visited national parks, for a good reason. Breathtaking views are promised, whether the mountains are blanketed in snow or lush green trees. No wonder people around the United States are constantly in search of Colorado Mountain Land for Sale.

Why Land for Sale in Colorado is Desired

Who does not love a sunny day? The "300 days of sunshine" thing is, in fact, a myth. There is no technical definition of "days of sunshine," so measuring it gets tricky. Colorado ranges from only having 30-40 overcast days per year, allowing approximately 300 days of partial sunshine. They estimate about 115 days that would fit the exact meaning of clear, but 300 days of partial sunshine, at the least, still sounds amazing. With four national parks, 42 state parks, 11 national forests, two national grasslands and eight national wildlife refuges, there is always another trail to hike or mountain to climb. Find your Colorado mountain land for sale today to start your adventure!

Colorado's Farmland and Ranchland for Sale

There is so much for kids to see and do on a farm, and their natural curiosity comes to life in rural environments. Farmers and ranchers have plenty of stories to tell — and many properties have been in the same family for generations. That is why finding property for sale or land for sale in Colorado is so hard to come upon. When people realize what they have, they never let it go. Finding acres for sale can be tricky, but with due diligence, rest assured you will find the Colorado land for sale that you have been longing to own.

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Have you ever dreamt of buying thousands of acres of luscious Wisconsin hunting land for sale? Filled with the best views and top hunting game; land for sale in Wisconsin will be tough to find because it is in such high demand. From waterfowl to white-tails, Wisconsin Hunts are the best. With three natural frontiers of the North American landscape merging in Wisconsin: the boreal forest continuers from the North, the great hardwood forest approaching from the East, and dry grasslands coming in from the West. This mix of forest, grassland, prairie, wetland, and farmland provides varied habitat for abundant wildlife on Wisconsin hunting land for sale. Worry no more! can help you find Wisconsin hunting land for sale in a heartbeat as soon as it hits the market!

Wisconsin Hunting Impacting the Economy

Hunting is an important contributor to Wisconsin's economy and an historical and culturally significant pastime for a number of individuals from around the world. Billions of hunting-related expenditures fund the economy. An estimated 600,000 deer hunters will head to the woods for the nine-day rifle deer season. Those hunters are part of a tradition that brings billions of dollars to the state each year. Not to mention buying Wisconsin hunting land for sale to have as your own. In 1897, Wisconsin land for sale sold for a whopping $8 an acre. Now, it is estimated that each acre for sale sells for around $2,300.

Wisconsin Hunting Land for Sale is a Hot Investment

Forget about the vast expanses of tillable land - that is a whole different ball game. Nowadays, seemingly useless recreational land is exceeding the price of tillable land for the first time in history. Hunters have proven that they are willing to push the market in their search to preserve a place that enables them to follow their passion. They buy the hunting land for sale to fill their desire to own it, not necessarily the rate on return afterwards. Can Help You Find Wisconsin Hunting Land for Sale

Are you interested in buying some Wisconsin hunting land for sale? Buying or renting, will notify you immediately when the land you are searching for becomes available. Subscribe to; it is completely FREE and only takes 21 seconds. Click here to become a subscriber and find your dream land now!

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If one would say Vermont is a beautiful state, others may reply with, that would be an understatement. The things that one can do within the state of Vermont are vast and the views to see are endless. The state acquired its name from a French Explorer named Samuel de Champlain who originally called it "Verd Mont" meaning green mountains. This was later translated to an English form which we know as present day "Vermont". From the green mountains to the luscious pastures, this state has so much land for sale to offer.

Where is the Land for Sale Located?

Vermont is one of the United States smallest states in terms of size. Over 90 percent of the land for sale in Vermont is privately owned. Farmland is the most popular type of land for sale in the state. Agriculture has been the framework of the state's development. Lumbering, alongside agriculture, was one of the first major industries established within Vermont and both are carried out today. The famous Ben and Jerry's Creamery is located in Vermont which has helped the state shine. Made up of 14 counties, Windham County has the most rural property and land for sale in good ole' Vermont.

Industry Boosts Land for Sale

Along with agriculture, manufacturing has grown tremendously over the years. The more industry in Vermont grows, the greater the demand for commercial land. In 2013, about 25 percent of the manufacturing jobs in Vermont were produced by a single company called IBM.

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"I must say as to what I have seen of Texas, it is the garden spot of the world. The best land and best prospects for health that I ever saw is here, and I do believe it is a fortune to any man to come here, there is a world of country to settle." These words were spoken by Davy Crockett, a 19th-century American folk hero. He speaks of the Texan land whose abundantly healthy soil produces wondrous crops. The beauty that lies within the borders of the Lone-Star State is not likely to be overlooked. There are many reasons why land for sale in Texas remains in high demand. Texas is absolutely stunning, but its rich soil provides pristine farm and cropland.

Agricultural Land for Sale in Texas

Texas is the largest agricultural state in the United States. It is estimated that about 71 percent of the annual revenue generated from Texas is a product of the farm and livestock industry. As one can see, there is a high demand for farmland in Texas. The remaining 29 percent of annual revenue is said to come from crops. This is a good indicator of why cropland for sale in Texas gets swiped up in a heartbeat. Texas is ranked 3rd overall in the United States for the most farming and agricultural generated income.

Why Land for Sale in Texas is Popular

It is not often that one may run across cheap land for sale in Texas. Here are a few reasons why it is a good idea to jump on the opportunity to be a Texas landowner:

  1. For those who are beginning to think about retirement, there is no better place to start than a fresh plot of land filled with opportunity. Texas is a great place to move when thinking of retirement because of the relatively mild climate in the winter and warm summers; not to mention the lower cost of living the state of Texas offers.
  2. Texas offers a wide range of opportunities for hunting and fishing.

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Looking to build a business, but don’t know where or how to start?

Looks like you’ve found the right blog! Commercial land is a type of land for sale used to build on to solely produce a profit. Commercial land for sale often times goes quickly with the rapid rise in industry and craving to make revenue. There are several categories of commercial land for sale:

  • Leisure
  • Healthcare
  • Housing
  • Office
  • Retail
  • Industrial

Commercial Land for Sale: Leisure

If one is looking to find land for sale for leisure purposes, this would mean that they are looking to build a facility or building for people to use in their free time. This could be hotels, restaurants, gyms, or coffee shops. This basically means that any place that makes a profit off of people who go and spend money in their free-time. Usually people have to invest in the vacant land for sale or possibly tender against other bidders.

Commercial Land for Sale: Industrial

Industry is another common use for commercial land for sale. Industrial land is turned into offices, distribution centers, warehouses, sheds, industrial property and more. Warehouses and distribution centers are two common products of the commercial land. Here they import and export goods to wholesalers or straight to the customer.

Commercial Land for Sale: Housing

Housing, especially in the larger cities, is in high demand due to the ever-growing population. We don’t seem to ever have enough. Many apartment complexes and vacation homes are very popular results of commercial land for sale. Because of the high demand for housing, it goes without saying, land for sale in urban areas gets snagged up almost instantaneously. has Commercial Land for Sale!

Does this spark your interest to persue your dream of owning that coffee shop or apartment complex? Hurry! Sign up for and take advantage of their FREE subscription to find the perfect land for sale for you! No more than 21 seconds to subscribe. The perfect land is out there…What are you waiting for?

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Tennessee: the home of Nashville, Elvis Presley, Honky-tonk, and pristine landscape. The state of Tennessee is nothing short of stunning. If you have been searching for land for sale, take a pit stop in good ol’ Tennessee. Known for agriculture and commerce, Tennessee’s primary agriculture products include poultry, soybeans and cattle. Tennessee is the leading state in Tobacco production, leather goods, metal products, and textiles. Land for sale here in Tennessee goes quickly!

Agricultural Land for Sale in Tennessee

Farmland is the most popular land for sale in the entire state. These farms for sale include everything from large industrial sized farms to small family sized acreages. The 2012 Census data concludes that there were nearly 68,050 known farms in the state of Tennessee. That would conclude that nearly half on Tennessee’s land is farmland. Farmland is not only the top land for sale it is also the most abundant land type Tennessee has to offer.

Beautiful Geographic Scenery: Tennessee’s Land for Sale Is a Must Have!

The Appalachian Mountains overshadow the eastern part of Tennessee. Although Tennessee is a landlocked state, the Mississippi River wraps around the western edge. The Great River Road follows the Mississippi. This is a very popular attraction and is a great way to see the mighty power of this river. There are also over 19,000 miles where anglers try to snag some of Tennessee’s best catfish, crappie, bass and trout right out of the fresh, warm and cold streams. If you are interested in land for sale along the river or in the mountains, Tennessee has it all.

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If you are interested in land for sale and are attracted to stunning geological features, Arizona just might need to jump to the top of your list. Home of the Grand Canyon, the state of Arizona attracts many people not only because the scenery touches your soul, but also because Arizona’s vast land types make this state suitable for numerous consumers. From cropland, ranch land, and farmland to acreages and hunting land, Arizona has an abundance of land for sale and rent.

Arizona’s Agriculture Land for Sale

The state of Arizona is rated 14th in agriculture. According to, ranching and agriculture are the state’s second largest source of revenue. Believe it or not, Arizona is responsible for a large amount of our nation’s fruits. Their highest production consists of mostly melons such as honeydew and cantaloupe. After learning this, it is not hard to believe that farm land is the leading type of land for sale in Arizona. Maintaining the lands soil quality is important to have a successful yield. By subscribing to, you can be sure to find plenty of listings featuring land for sale, including acreages, pastures, cropland, farmland, and ranchland that is ideal for you.

Arizona’s Landscape is Perfect for Escaping Winter

In search of land for sale, many people plan to migrate from around the country to Arizona to enjoy the natural beauty of the National Parks’ forestry, rivers, rolling hills, and desert. The warmth, sunshine and low humidity levels also attract those from the Midwest during wintery months. Arizona’s options in land for sale can accommodate those looking to rent or buy land. Acreages or rural properties are just a few types of land for sale in the Grand Canyon State.

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Buying, selling or renting land has never been easier for buyers and tenants.

Finding information about land for sale has never been faster! Waiting for the newspaper or postman to bring ads with new land listings is no longer necessary. When you subscribe for FREE to, you will receive instant notifications from participating agents and brokers via text message or email immediately when land is available for sale, rent or auction.

Subscribers receive land listings that fit certain criteria based on options that are determined at sign up. Subscribers get to choose if they want to see listings for sale, for rent, or auction; decide the amount of land they are interested in; and what areas they are searching for land listings. LandAlert will filter the listings and subscribers will see only the listings that match their criteria as specified.

For listing agents to blast a land alert, they will be required to specify location information. This will include the section-township-range identifier, county and state in which the land is located. Land listings will be categorized by a size range based on number of acres. Agents and brokers will also need to include if the property is for sale, rent or auction, contact information and a link to view the listing on the agency or broker’s website.

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